The Company

CNV Company has its focus activities in construction works and renovating buildings made of natural and traditional stonework, specializing in decorative and rustic schist.

We are also specialized in building and repairing buildings, from homes to offices, to shops and even public buildings.

Our headquarters are in Pisão Cimeiro, Vila de Rei, the geodesic centre of Portugal, a place with an enormous variety of natural resources and a strong touristic profile which gives our company the advantage of centricity either nationally or internationally.


Quality Services

Nuno Vicente Constructions renders a customized and client-centred service with building solutions adapted to your needs.

In the construction market since 2009, CNV has a strong bet on constantly updating its services. From equipments, techniques and future-based solutions that we use to the compliance with all of the safety norms, demanded by law.

All the details are important for the final success of the construction works made by CNV. To guarantee our success, we make sure to follow, supervise and control all of the process of building, guaranteeing a turn-key result to make sure we attend all of your expectations.

Our construction works in natural and traditional stone distinguishes itself from our other services due to its natural and incomparable beauty and aesthetics. The usage of an original material that stands out for its unicity and natural sources gives any space an incomparable durability and beauty. The building of strong supports and fencing walls also made in natural stone are a part of our work portfolio.

CNV is a company with a Class 2 Construction Permit which means we are ready to execute from the smallest to the biggest construction works with the constant guarantee of a precise, quality based and the best service, making the construction or refurbishing of your building in a safe, quick, cost efficient and brilliant process.

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